i learned a palindrome today and its the best & funniest thing ive ever heard here goes:

No sir! Away! A papaya war is on!

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#*dies of emotion* #but what if molly was his companion once #and now he stops by for breakfast #and keeps commenting because it seems like every time #there’s another ginger kid #adn when he sees harry it’s like ha! #i knew they couldn’t all be ginger! #and molly doesn’t bother telling the doctor that harry isn’t hers #because he is after all one of her boys #and she loves him just as though he was a weasley (via dwcompanion)

those tags broke me a little inside 

#Molly Weasley turned Daleks into actual pepperpots, because, honestly, she doesn’t have time for their nonsense.

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Remember #BringBackOurGirls? This Is What Has Happened In The 5 Months Since

On the night of April 14, 2014, hundreds of schoolgirls at the Chibok boarding school in northeastern Nigeria awoke to the sound of gunfire. They saw men in camouflage approaching and thought soldiers were coming to save them from a militant attack, according to survivors’ accounts.


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rose-infused vinegar

To make a rose infused vinegar fill a one pint jar full with fresh rose petals (or half way with dried) and fill to the top with a good quality organic apple cider vinegar. Place a small sheet of waxed paper on top of the jar before sealing because the vinegar will eat away at the metal top of the lid. Set on your counter and let steep for six weeks.

A cloth can be soaked in this mixture (dilute to 1 part vinegar to about 7-10 parts water) and can be placed on the forehead for tension or heat induced headaches, wrapped around a sprained ankle, or used to wash itchy bug bites and heat rashes. It excels at pulling heat from an inflamed area in a very short time. It is especially powerful at rapidly quenching the redness and pain from a sunburn in no time flat.

I bet a spritz is good on a salad, too.

Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island. #NYC #nofilter #abandoned

So I went to Roosevelt Island today during my lunch break. #nofilter #NYC


If you haven’t added me on snapchat, you’re missing out.

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Ten people/places/things that make me happy

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In no particular order…

1. Baby trees. I’ve been noticing more and more trees in the places I walk through with the Million Trees NYC tag on it declaring it as a newly planted tree. Seeing those just make me so happy.

2. My friends. Whenever we all get together it’s a riot.

3. My boyfriend. He gets his own number here because of reasons.

4. My siblings. Without them, life would be about three-fourths less awesome.

5. Sitting and walking around outside, particularly in very green places.

6. Homemade food. I have a whole list of things that I want to learn how to make from scratch and I’m so excited to really get started on it…

7. Drawing. Particularly hands, feet, eyes, and mouths. Parts of the human body. (And the whole human body, but that’s more of a challenge.)

8. Writing. I’ve said this a lot.

9. Reading. Though it has honestly been too long since the last time I actually sat down and read for a long while, and not just in the last hour or so before I go to sleep.

10. Warming up after coming in from the cold. Putting on fuzzy socks, boiling water for tea or hot chocolate, layering blankets to keep my toes warm, etc.

Bonus three because as I was making this list I realized that there are a lot of things that make me happy and I want to share more than ten:

Reading fan theories on Tumblr and the fan fiction that comes from the theories.

Sweets. I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a dessert I truly didn’t like.

Taking pictures of people and places.

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