Taking A Closer Look: Photomicrography

Photography has been used for decades to capture the images that we see with our eyes, but, it can also help us to see things that we could never see with just the naked eye.

Photomicrographers are those who photograph the microscopic world around us. With the help of special cameras, we can now see cell nuclei or the intestines of fruit flies if we so wanted to. There are hundreds of photomicrographers in the world, each with their own unique specialization or style; like artists, they present to us their own interpretations of microscopic objects, using various techniques, such as two-photon excitation microscopy, which “provides distinct advantages for three-dimensional imaging”. This process is used for “imaging of living cells, especially within intact tissues such as brain slices, embryos, whole organs, and even entire animals”, making Dr. Paul Appleton’s pictures both studies of biological components of organisms, but also aesthetically, vibrant, geometric abstractions.

Claudia Buttera creates similar pieces, most of them cells under stress, and frames them to be placed in a gallery setting, where both the science of the subject and aesthetic of the overall piece is appreciated for as a work of art. The muse is nature, the artist Buttera.

Nikola Rahme moves slightly further away from the subjects, revealing the actual features and body parts of wasps and beetles, instead of merely the puzzle pieces of their anatomy known as cells. Works such as Rahme’s help viewers put a ‘face’ to the cluster of shapes that the aforementioned photomicrographers capture.

-Anna Paluch



#MyNYPD (Part I)


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Early morning.

“…A white graduate of a public Michigan university who wishes to pass his historical privilege on to his children may freely lobby the board of that university in favor of an expanded legacy admissions policy, whereas a black Michigander who was denied the opportunity to attend that very university cannot lobby the board in favor of a policy that might give his children a chance that he never had and that they might never have absent that policy.”
— Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, in her dissent following the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Michigan Ban on Affirmative Action in public universities (

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Words cannot describe the beauty of this screen.

But this phone.

I’m still getting used to the keyboard but otherwise this phone is so much better than an iPhone omfg.

And there’s none of that bullshit fingerprint scanner or differentiating between slightly different models with a letter or whatever. It’s a simple, well-designed smartphone with a simple name.

Nokia Lumia Icon. Yaaaaaaaas.







Fun Fact: In Germany you need a coin in order to operate shopping carts.


dont they do that every where?

We do that in france too… Is it not normal?…

we do that here in the Emirates as well, whats wrong with it???

We do that in Norway too, Germany. 

uhm, we do that in denmark too?? Are there actually places where they don’t`

"Things that are found everywhere… Except the US."


"We, the people, do have the power to stop the tragic waste of resources if we regard it as socially unacceptable to waste food." - Tristram Stuart